Friday, December 4, 2015

Simple elegance for Christmas

Do you remember the 5 inch square chocolate cookies I used for the no-icing fall cookies? I had some more of them and I also had a bag of white icing, which looks wonderful on chocolate cookies.
I decided to draw a Christmas tree shape using curls and teardrops. Then I added a few tiny, shiny edible beads as accents. Different color for each cookie. I finished the cookies with a simple, double line border.

Here you can have a closer look at the cookie with the pink beads, and the one with the gold accents.

I also have a few more of these square cookies, waiting for inspiration. See you soon!

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  1. fabulous i love your work your mind everything tunde big smile i have cookies here hesitant to ice keep looking at them and draw a blank think of yu your designs and walk away big smile i hate failure lol okay long story short i used a tip to impress a round in the middle of the cookie its a plaque cookie shape then got stuck on what to do i thought of using beads but mine are so big then i thought well i could take the teeny non-pareils color them or just use white and see where it leads me congrats on the upcoming sweet sharing chat on cc with tina/sugar wishes i'm having a difficult time getting good pics big sigh you don't have to respond i'm venting lol

    1. Oh, you know I will respond eventually :) I just came back from California. In cookie decorating there is no such thing as failure! Keep an open mind, let your hand create and you will get a sweet treat your friends and family will love.


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