Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Mini Christmas ornaments

You probably remember these ornament shapes from the ornaments with lace or the blue Christmas ornaments. This set was made with the mini version of the same cutters, available at Cookie Cutter Kingdom.

I started with white flood icing for all of them.

Then painted half of the with TruColor Super Red Shine Color an  the rest with Deep Blue Shine.

Then piped some filigree pattern to all of them.

Painted the filigree of the red cookies with TruColor Gold Shine.

 Here is the red and gold mini set:

And the blue and white mini ornaments:

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  1. golllllyyyyyy lol fabulous love love love i did purchase your ornament set cutters i already have are large i'm not sure if the size of cookie is a deterrent for me anyway i thought of the scroll filigree design and wondered if i could do it your set is fabulous i didn'g quite imagine my design as you did yours but i plan on trying something like this lol crossing fingers hahhhaaaa o and i think i discovered how to take better pics lol i'll soon find out though


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