Saturday, September 6, 2014

Baby shower cookies

Baby shower cookies 1

When someone would like me to make baby shower cookies, they usually ask pink or blue. So I made a lot of these cookies in the past two years:

Blue baby shower cookies
 Pink baby shower cookies

I still like them. They are nice, cute and there is some room for creativity with the patterns. But I was so ready to make something new!

And I got lucky! My friends are expecting their little girl soon and their baby shower was today, so I created a new baby shower set for them.

I chose to use peach instead of pink and pair it with a cream color. I wanted to decorate with little flowers and I used the same colors for the flowers, even the same shade. For the leaves I mixed a light avocado color to keep the soft tone of the cookie.

Baby shower cookies -baby shapes

First, I made the baby shapes.

Baby shower cookies - hearts

Then added some matching hearts. I can't help it, I love gingerbread hearts! One day, I may create a whole collection with just hearts for every occasion.

Baby shower cookies - big heart

And finally I made this big heart, that they can keep if they want. I added white as an extra color to this one because I had the feeling, that the text will look nicer in white.

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