Friday, September 16, 2016

Purple flower "thank you" cookie set with TruColor natural food colors

 Purple flower "thank you" cookie set by Tunde Dugantsi

When you want to say thanks to a friend you can send her a card, but there is a much sweeter way: make her cookies.

This is a fast and easy cookie set, yet it looks really festive. I mixed piping and flood consistencies of TruColor purple and leaf green. To add more dimension I used TruColor pastel green and pastel purple fine sanding sugars.

Purple flower "thank you" cookie set by Tunde Dugantsi

The set has two bigger cookies and and a lot of small, simple filler cookies.

Purple flower "thank you" cookie by Tunde Dugantsi
The "thank you" cookie is a large plaque. The design is really easy to make. The sparkle of the sugar makes it stand out. See how easy it is:

Of course, I had to make a heart, because I am the gingerbread girl and this is my favorite shape. So I grabbed a 4 inch heart and had some fun with it.

Purple heart cookie by Tunde Dugantsi

It's still easy to make:

And to make it a full plate, I added a handful of these simple little flowers. They are about 2 inches and super fast to make. Throw in some leaves and they make a cute platter.

Purple flower  cookie set by Tunde Dugantsi

And here is the video for you:

Let me know if you tried them!

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