Sunday, December 6, 2015

Christmas sweater

I got this cool sweater cutter from Cookie Cutter Kingdom and I also have a highly neglected airbrush. So I decided to put them to work. I flooded the cookie with Sugarflair ice blue icing and airbrushed with royal blue. I love this color combination (so you will see more of it in the near future). Then decorated with white royal icing.

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  1. wowza on your piping skills love the sweater and colors i thought to do airbrush and other techniques yesterday but got sidetracked upset oh well i may try airbrush this morning right now i'm trying to heal a wounded heart and just cannot think of how to do anything i messed up cookies yesterday hahahahaaa im a ditz whew love ya

    1. I hope your wounded heart will heal fast! It took me almost a year to take out that airbrush from the box.

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