Sunday, December 20, 2015

Szaloncukor (Hungarian Christmas candy) 2015

Szaloncukor by Tunde Dugantsi


  1. Hi Tunde! I like marzipan too. I only see it sold in small pjgs. and in larger quantity online but I think it is pricey, so are almonds. Anyway, I've attempted to powder down almonds and it always gets mushy, wet-like. I still don't know the secret to milling it down. I think I have almond flour; I should use it hhahaaaaaaaaaaa i don't know why i buy some things but i have it! lol merry xmas to you and yours the candy looks delicious i've thought of trying to make totorone sp ?)

    1. When I blanched the almonds myself, then I waited a couple of days so they dry out. This time I used blanched and sliced almonds, those are pretty dry.

      The tissue paper I use is called "delicatessen paper" it's thicker than tissue paper and slightly waxed.

  2. oh i fogot food safe tissue paper ? i have to google that thanks again


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