Thursday, November 26, 2015

No icing fall cookies

No icing fall cookies by Tunde Dugantsi

Fall is my favorite season here in Kentucky. The unbearable, humid heat is over, but it's still warm and sunny. The trees wear breathtaking colors and we can enjoy amazing sunsets. 

I envisioned to make gorgeous fall cookies, but yesterday I realized, that it's Thanksgiving and I haven't made any. Also I am invited to a friend's house who loves my cookies. 

Luckily I had a few 5x5 inch square chocolate gingerbread cookies from an other project and I figured the amazing TruColor metallic colors would look great on this dark brown cookie.

No icing fall cookies by Tunde Dugantsi

I prepared 4 different leaf shaped cookie cutters and simply pressed it on the cookie to make an imprint of the leaf.

No icing fall cookies by Tunde Dugantsi

I diluted 4 TruColor airbrush powders: yellow, orange, red and green shine. And filled the leaf with one of them.

No icing fall cookies by Tunde Dugantsi

Then I added an other color or two.

No icing fall cookies by Tunde Dugantsi

I used a scribe tool (a toothpick would do the trick too) to draw the veins of the leaf. Its very easy, as the cookie is damp from the paint.

No icing fall cookies by Tunde Dugantsi

Then I filled the rest if the cookie with yellow, orange and red dots. It's playful and it connects nicely the cookies of the set.

No icing fall cookies by Tunde Dugantsi

This design is very quick to make and something different. I also feel good about giving these cookies to friends and family. They are very low on sugar and the coloring is all natural.


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  1. Ooooohhhhh you! lol I am so depressed trying to decorate appealing cookies... I have thought of doing this but with stencils... Very little icing, if any. In the past I have done this technique... I am lost on what to do for halloween and thanksgiving. There are many techniques/looks that I like but mine just don't seem to make the grade/passing... lol
    I love this set/design, everything about the tutorial. I am thinking of baking cookies but not sure I'll get to it today.
    Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving! Stay well, stay blessed!

    1. I was thinking about stencils too while making this set, but I own only a few stencils, nothing fall. And this set was a spontaneous action. I had a few extra cookies and Thanksgiving coming up the next day...Luckily I have tons of cookie cutters :)


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