Monday, January 4, 2016

Chocolate squares with snowflakes - inspired by friends

What you do when you have 4 big square chocolate gingerbread cookies to play with? You get out the stencil you fall in love with months ago but never had time to play with. The stencil has 4 different gorgeous snowflakes and was created by my friend Tammy from 2T's Stencils.

Then I decided to add a little sparkle to my cookie. I got this pixie dust from Joey at Sugar 'n Spice. She loves to add sparkle to her cookies and I decided to follow her this time. Snow sparkles, right? Too bad, that I still can not make pictures that actually show it.

As you can see, these snowflakes are a little small on my 5 inch cookies. I wanted to keep them as the main motif so I decided to frame them. I got some cute plaque cutters from my friends at Cookie Cutter Kingdom. I used them as templates for my frames:

I traced the shapes on the cookie with scribe tool.

I use cookie cutters as templates all the time. And when I have a softer cookie (like my yummy gingerbread) I don't even have to trace it. I just push the cutter on the cookie and I have a nice outline. This cookie was a little harder, so I had to trace it.

It's easy to pipe over the traced line.

Then  I was following the shape with the second line.

And I outlined the second frame with doth. I love this two lines + dots combination. It is easy but it makes a beautiful frame.

This design left my corners a little empty. Also all my snowflakes and frames are different. So I decided to unify the set with the same, simple lace decoration in all corners.

Here is the finished cookie:

And the full set again:

Happy New Year my Friends!

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