Monday, January 18, 2016

Elegant gingerbread gift box with swirl roses

Gingerbread box by Tunde Dugantsi

I created this box along with some ABC cookies last summer and I just realized that I never published the box.

So here is this box. I made some of these layered boxes before, in different shapes: heart, oval, hexagon, star. They had one thing in common: I used a set of graduating cutters for them.

What if you have a gorgeous shape you want to use, but only in one size? For the sides you can use two sizes of a generic shaped cutter (circle, oval, square - whatever is closest in shape to the cutter you want to use for lid). For this box I used a great plaque cutter for top and bottom and circles to cut out the sides of the box.

Here you can see how I created it:

Did you ever make a cookie box?

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