Thursday, January 29, 2015

Valentine's cookie set with videos

Valentine's gingerbread cookies

Around Christmas I was looking everywhere for 8 tip star cutters. There are hundreds of companies making and selling cookie cutters and I could not find any. So I just lived without the 8 tip star cutter until a few weeks ago, when the owner of Cookie Cutter Kingdom asked in a cookie group if there was any shape we could not find... Of course the first thing that came to my mind was the 8 tip star. I told him about it and in a few days I got a nice set of 8 tip star cutters.

And I tell you, I will not wait until next Christmas to use them! Actually, I did not want to wait at all! So I proudly present my star shaped Valentine's set and the first ever cookie cutter I designed!
Oh, and you know me, it's not only one cutter, but a whole set. I need three different sizes to make a cute box. And I love to make these easy boxes.

Would you like to make one yourself? Check out my how-to video:

You can make this kind of box in any shape if you have a set of 3 different sizes. And Cookie Cutter Kingdom have most of their cutters in at least 3 different sizes. I can't wait to play with their plaque cutters!

To complete the set, I added three cookies. The big one is imitating a quilt:

The medium star got some swirl rose royal icing transfers:

And the small star transformed into a love letter:

If you would like to make these cookies, look for the cutters at Cookie Cutter Kingdom. Once you have them, check my blog from time to time, as I am sure I will make plenty of designs with them!

Also check out their other cutter I designed: the cross by Tunde.
Use promo-code FRIENDSOFTUNDE to get 10% OFF your cutters.

Valentine's gingerbread cookies

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