Friday, December 5, 2014

Santa is coming to our house tonight

Yes, I know we have almost three more weeks until Christmas. But in Hungary and a few more European countries Santa arrives December 6th.

Santa cookies

When I was a kid, we cleaned our boots and put them to the window sill. By the morning our boots were filled with goodies (chocolate, candies, oranges, nuts) if we were good. Naughty kids got a willow switch. As many of you probably have no idea about what it is, I attach a picture.

I usually got lots of goodies and a willow switch too. Nobody is good all the time, right?

Here is my Santa cookie:

Santa cookies

And a closer look:

Santa cookies

Now my kids are awaiting Santa. They don't have boots (as it's never that cold in Kentucky) and are window sills are not wide enough for them. But the kids already decided to stay up until they see Santa...

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