Monday, December 22, 2014

Gingerbread decoration for your Christmas table

White Gingerbread Christmas Centerpiece
Today I would like to share a few ideas about how to decorate your Christmas table with gingerbread.
This first picture is a white centerpiece made of bells and stars.

White Gingerbread Christmas Napkin Holder
This napkin holder is made of two Christmas trees and an oval. There is also a rectangle piece inside to help the assembly. Step by step instructions for this project (and many more) are available in my Gingerbread Christmas Wonderland book.

White Gingerbread Christmas Napkin Rings
This set of white napkin rings is very easy to make and nicely complements the white decoration.

Gingerbread Christmas Centerpiece with Holy pattern
The first piece of the holy set is a simple centerpiece. Just a big circle cookie with a big, fat candle.

Gingerbread Christmas napkin holder with Holy pattern
And a napkin holder with the same holy pattern.

Gingerbread Christmas place card with Holy pattern
Finally some matching place cards.

Gingerbread red heart place card
You can also combine the napkin ring with the place card.

Red Gingerbread Christmas candle holder
Some simple red and white candle holders.

Gingerbread Christmas candle holder
All natural - chocolate gingerbread and regular gingerbread with white icing.

Gingerbread Christmas candle holder
 Still the natural combination.

Red and white Gingerbread Christmas candle holder
Red and white candle holder: powerful and elegant.

Gold and white Gingerbread Christmas candle holder
And finally the festive white and gold combination.

I hope you enjoyed this collection and I could give you some ideas...

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