Sunday, August 7, 2016

TruColor Color Guide 1 - Airbrush Shine: Metallic Paint Collection

You know how much I love TruColor natural food colors. As I use them a lot, many people ask for advice about which colors to get first. And of course, I am not a big help as all the colors are great and everybody will need the colors that match their style. All I could do was to tell which colors were my favorites.

I decided to make this easier and show you how these colors look like when I use them on a cookie. I start with the airbrush shine collection, as these are the colors I use the most.

As all TruColor natural food colors, they come in powder form. You have to mix them with distilled water before use. You can use your airbrush, but I used a paint brush as I was just coloring a single cookie with each color. These shades are really saturated. With airbrush you can achieve a much lighter shade if that's what you need.

Here are the colors included in the Metallic Paint Collection:

And this is not the complete palette of the Airbrush Shine line! There is the Metallic Reserve Collection and one extra color. I will show them next time.

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