Monday, August 8, 2016

TruColor Color Guide 2 - Airbrush Shine: Metallic Reserve Collection

Yesterday, I started to create my TruColor color guide with the Airbrush Shine: Metallic Paint Collection. Today, I show you the other set, the Metallic Reserve Collection. This set also contains 12 rich, shiny colors, some are my absolute favorites.

I would also like to talk about the silver and gold color. They are a great and safe alternative for gold dusts. Most gold colors we use are not edible, they are non-toxic. So I am thrilled, that TruColor Gold Shine provides comparable results (even better than some other brands) while being safe to consume.

When anyone asks me which one color would I buy to try TruColor I always recommend Gold Shine.

Check out all the wonderful colors of the Metallic Reserve Collection:

And here is the color which is not part of the two collections:

These two posts cover the Airbrush Shine line of Trucolor natural food colors.

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