Saturday, July 16, 2016

Flowers and small hearts decorated using TruColor gel food colors


As a mother of three, I always try to use natural ingredients in my kitchen. For a long time this was not a real option when it came to food coloring. I am thrilled, that with TruColor now we have the opportunity to create colorful AND healthy treats.

I have used their airbrush colors a lot, as it is so easy to just paint on the cookies. But I did not really use the gels until now. Mixing the icing colors is a lot of work by itself and it just felt overwhelming to add the extra step of hydrating the colors first. But I decided to get over my fear and get familiar with this product as well. And it was actually easier than I thought.

I used the smallest mixing bowl I had. First, I put a little color powder in the bowl and mixed it with a few drops of distilled water. When the color dissolved I added some icing. Then adjusted the consistency by adding a little confectioners sugar or water as needed. (But this is a step I always do for each bag when bagging icing). Look at this gorgeous, vibrant palette:

I don't know if it's just because of knowing that they are natural and healthy, but I always find my TruColor color palettes very beautiful and live. Somehow, I always love them more that my synthetic palettes. What do you think?

You can follow below how the cookies were made:

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  1. Awesome work Tunde, love the color pallette

  2. Hello Tunde
    I've been considering TruColor for similar reasons.
    Do you find that the colors stay true after time, for instance if you used them to decorate a souvenir cookie? Do they fade?
    Besides hydrating the colors, what other aspects of using TruColor do you find challenging?
    Finally, how easy is it to mix colors to create different shades?

    The cookies are as beautiful as usual!
    Thanks Tunde 😊

    1. Hi, some of my cookies did fade (mostly the greens), but I have the first generation of colors and they have an improved version now, so my experience might not be relevant in this matter. One other challenge might be the reaction to acidity. Some of the colors don't do very good in acidic environment. I enjoy their colors very much and they have a wide range of colors so I did not mix them so far. Julia Usher has a testing video about Trucolor and she could mix them. I am sure it's more challenging than mixing synthetic colors.


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