Friday, May 25, 2018

Baby girl dress cookies

Baby girl dress cookies decorated by Tunde Dugantsi

If I design baby rompers, I have to have some baby girl dresses too, right? There is so many ways to decorate this little dress! I have to thank Ann Clark for making this awesome cutter for us. 

This great purple color is Artisan Accents Deep Purple, one of my new favorite colors. Their whole set is just 10 colors and they mix like a dream. So instead of having hundreds of colors I can just have 10 and make all the colors of the rainbow. Even better, with their new Dilution Solution I can turn any of these colors into airbrush colors.

Back to the baby dresses, I will share these six design with you now. I hope you will create many more and share with me!

You can get the baby girl dress cookie cutter from Ann Clark.

Baby girl dress cookies decorated by Tunde Dugantsi

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