Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentine's cookies 2016 - part 1

Valentine's cookies by Tunde Dugantsi

I decided not to plan too much ahead for the Valentine's cookies. I baked some circles and some hearts, prepared red, pink and white icing in flood and piping consistencies and started to play.

I already wrote a post about the napkin ring cookies, so I will not talk about that one now. So let's talk about the next cookie.

Valentine's cookie by Tunde Dugantsi

This is a 4 inch heart. I traced a 3 inch heart on top, then I created the red scalloped border with brush embroidery. Then I flooded the 3 inch heart with pink and let it dry. I finished the border with lots of dots and put some toothpick roses to the middle.

Valentine's cookie by Tunde Dugantsi

This  cookie has a simple red flooded base, a red bead border and a transparent lace pattern. You can see how to make this lace (using 3 second consistency icing) here.

Valentine's cookie by Tunde Dugantsi

I made this heart shape icing transfer using a 3D cookie mold. I started with a marbled pink and white base color and when it was dry I placed 3 roses to the middle of the cookie then I added the heart transfer. I finished the design with white bead border.

Valentine's cookie by Tunde Dugantsi

This is a little candle holder. The base is a simple circle flooded with red icing and finished with a bead border. I cut the middle of the heart cookie after baking, then added a marbled flood base. I glued the two parts together, placed the candle inside the hole. I decorated the heart cookie with 3 little roses and finished the design with borders.

To be continued...

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  1. hi tunde the entire set is stunning i've been thinking of you and your designs and techniques i'm interested and intrigued about how you were able to form the heart in a cookie mold and how you were able to remove it from the mold.


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