Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Baking with cookie molds

Baking with cookie molds by Tunde Dugantsi

In my book Gingerbread Academy there is a chapter about baking with cookie molds. I will be honest with you: working on the book with Aniko was the first time I made molded cookies and also the last - until now.

I just came back from CookieCon, where I got this gorgeous cookie mold from Springerle Joy. Just looking at it makes me happy. You can imagine, how excited I was to play with it!

Baking with cookie molds by Tunde Dugantsi

And the time has arrived! I had some construction gingerbread ready and my friend came over for a cookie play date. (What a blessing is to have the kids at school - the past 10 years only they had play dates.)

Baking with cookie molds by Tunde Dugantsi

This picture shows the pure beauty of the molded cookie. I left it as it is, just brushed with a little water when I took out of the oven, to enhance the natural color.

Baking with cookie molds by Tunde Dugantsi

This cookie got this nice color and shine when I brushed it with egg yolk right after baking. Egg whites give the same shiny look without the yellowish tone. (See the big hearts of the cover picture. The left one is brushed with yolks, the right one with egg whites. They are both shiny, but their color is slightly different.)

Baking with cookie molds by Tunde Dugantsi

This cookie is colored with the egg yolk glaze. I mixed one egg yolk with one tbsp of milk, divided it in 3 cups and added gel food colors to the mixture.

Baking with cookie molds by Tunde Dugantsi

 I also made bigger heart cookies. I pushed the mold into the middle of the big heart shape and decided to highlight the beauty of the molded pattern with a lace border.

Would you like to play with molds? Check out Springerle Joy, they have hundreds of gorgeous antique replicas! So hard to choose!

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  1. Hi Tunde! Love your site, posts; everything. Welcome back from CCon! I'll look at the springerle joy site. Love the lace design.

  2. Tunde, which gingerbread/honey cookie recipe did you use for the springerle mold? Thanks! I loved your class at ccon!

    1. The 3D heart recipe http://www.thegingerbreadartist.com/2014/08/3d-gingerbread-heart-cookie.html
      with some modifications:
      1. leave out the baking soda
      2. Let it age for at least 5 days
      3. Knead in as much extra flour as it takes before baking (dough loses its elasticity)
      4. Bake at 425 F

      This is a construction dough, I would not recommend it for eating. It's for keepsake cookies.


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