Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Garden cookies

Garden cookies by Tunde Dugantsi

It seems unbelievable after this long, harsh winter, but spring is finally here. And spring means gardening, so I designed my first garden cookie set.

I love colors and I have a beautiful set of Sugarflair colors, that I do hardly ever use, as it's usually easier to just reach for the colors I am used to. But this time I decided to work with my Sugarflair colors and I truly love them. The base color of this set is Spruce Green, the complementing color has a hint of Khaki coloring in it. The flowers are colored with Egyptian orange and the middle of the flowers is white.

You can find all these cookie cutters at Cookie Cutter Kingdom. The garden tools and the flower pots are my design, the flowers and these gorgeous butterflies are CCK designs.

I hope you will enjoy these videos and maybe creating your own garden set one day!

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