Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Stained Glass Easter Cookies

Stained Glass Easter Cookies by Tunde Dugantsi
 It's been a while that I made stained glass cookies and I decided to make some for Easter. I will also teach the technique this weekend at Sweet Wise.

I tried this technique for the first time last year. I wanted to find a method to make my cookie shiny like the real glass and I've found it. My corn syrup mixture dries perfectly and looks like glass.

Stained Glass Cookie by Tunde Dugantsi

 I also tried it with golden outlines on this Mother's Day cookie.

Stained Glass Rose Cookie by Tunde Dugantsi

And now, I wanted to make some cross cookies. These are the original cookies of this cross cutter.
I wanted to make these cookies in real Easter colors. I had the feeling, that the light pastel colors we use and see everywhere are not the real, traditional colors. So I did some research. I have found a nice and simple summary of the Easter colors in Christianity at about.com:

What Easter colors symbolize in Christianity:
  • Red symbolizes the blood of Jesus Christ and the blood of martyrs. [Crimson and Scarlet are associated with theology, the Church, and the Bible.]
  • Purple is the color of royalty (Jesus, King of Kings) and also the color of suffering.
  • Black represents darkness and sin and mourning.
  • White is purity and angels and resurrection.
  • Gold is a color of celebration and symbolizes the presence of God and richness (wealth, prosperity, or heavenly riches).
And here are my cross cookies in real Easter colors:

Stained Glass Easter Cookies by Tunde Dugantsi

I really liked how beautifully the gold dust dissolved in this corn syrup mixture and covered the surface.

I also wanted to try this mixture on bare cookie, without flooding the cookie first and I really like the look:

Stained Glass Easter Cookies by Tunde Dugantsi

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