Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Valentine's Cookie Gifts

Valentine's cookie gift by Tunde Dugantsi

Honey gingerbread cookies are the best gift ever! People can keep them forever or just eat them.
The right packaging can elevate cookies to the next level. Even a simple cookie will look amazing in a beautiful box.

I love smaller boxes that can turn a few cookies into a cool gift.

Finding the right box is an eternal challenge. Now, in the 3D printer era this is much easier though. When I got these cute window boxes I envisioned an I-Heart-U set inside. I took out all my letter and heart cutters and started put the cutters in the box. Needless to say, they didn't fit.

So I decided to create a set that will, here it is:

Valentines cookie cutter set by Tunde Dugantsi

Once the right cookies were ready I mixed some red, pink and white icing and started playing with them. Here is the result:

Valentine's cookie gift by Tunde Dugantsi

Another big favorite of mine is this 6x6 inch box with clear lid. I use it all the tome with one big cookie, like my bell cookies in winter time, or the big heart cookies. But I love making sets of smaller cookies too, like the little lace and flowers set or square cookies with snowflakes. For valentines, I can fit 4 little hearts in it. I use the cutter that came with the 3D heart set.

Valentine's cookie gift by Tunde Dugantsi

What is your favorite cookie packaging?

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