Saturday, October 13, 2018

Birthday Cookie Platter

Birthday cookie platter by Tunde Dugantsi

I created my first set in my new studio. I love my new place! I will still need to work on the lighting for the videos, but otherwise it's a perfect work space:

Tunde's Sugar Art Studio

I made these cookies for a friend's birthday. I wanted to create a platter that is a nice display. I used a 4 inch round cookie for the center and I designed an extra shape that interlocks around this circle.

Here is the video of the two pieces (sorry about the bad lighting):

This is the shape for the outside, available in my Etsy store:

If your dough doesn't spread at all, you can fit 12 of these around the circle, with my dough I could do 11.

I see myself using this shape a lot in the future.

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