Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sweet little gift 1. - Colorful candy hearts

My girls started dancing this year, so this recital week was our first. Luckily, more experienced moms advised me, that I should bring flowers for my 6 years old girls, because all the other little girls will get flowers. I did the math: we did ballet and tap this year. They perform twice for each and they are twins. So I should buy 8 bouquets of flowers. Hmm... maybe not! I don't even have enough vases in my house! But I am a sugar artist. So I decided to make something special for them instead! I will show you my first little gift for them. It did not take long to make and I had everything on hand to make them. They are simple candy melt heart lollipops sprinkled with sanding sugar.

The all natural TruColor confectioners AA sugars have bigger granules so they are perfect to give my candy heart some character. The girls had blue dresses, so I chose Sky blue, Royal blue and Purple to make it more girly.

I store my sugars in spice bottles to make it easy to sprinkle on cookies, cupcakes and candies.

I made some heart templates that I placed under a piece of parchment paper. I filled a pastry bag with melted white candy melt (so I don't have to temper chocolate).

I placed a lollipop stick at the bottom of the heart and drizzled the candy melt on top.

The next step is to sprinkle it with sanding sugar while still melted, then stick it into the refrigerator for a couple of minutes, so it hardens.

Here are all my little heart lollipops in three colors. You can individually wrap them for favors.

Or stick them in a glass of sugar and they can serve as decoration/snack at any party.

Or make a sweet little gift, just as I did! I used a plastic cup filled with marshmallows as a container.

My little girls were so happy, that they got something special! I am sure I will make these again, will you?

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