Monday, November 16, 2015

Inspiration: from antique embroidery sampler to cookie gift

Wedding cookie gift by Tunde Dugantsi

You never know where the inspiration comes from. And sometimes planning a cookie takes longer than actually making it. This wedding gift cookie illustrates both of these statements.

A friend sent me this picture of an antique embroidery sampler as inspiration for a wedding gift cookie he envisioned for a couple. The sampler looks amazing, right? Obviously it has way too many motifs and colors for a cookie. So my first question was: Which are your favorite motifs you would like to keep? And the answer helped me to set the corner stones of the project:

  • keep the boat
  • keep the flower pot above the boat
  • do some nautical motifs to the bottom part
  • make this a 3 piece puzzle of three 9x6 inch cookies (I have cookie boxes of this size to ship the cookie safely)

I also knew, that I wanted to

  • replace the angled, triangular motifs with curves (closer to my style)
  • limit the number of colors as much as possible
  • add symbols and motifs of love, relationship, wedding if possible
So I was ready to start the planning:

Wedding cookie gift by Tunde Dugantsi

Here is the complete design as I planned on paper:

Wedding cookie gift by Tunde Dugantsi

Then I planned the colors. At the left side of this picture you can see my Sugarflair color chart. When I get new colors (I am a color hoarder - have a full sets of Americolor, Sugarflair and Trucolor and a wishlist of many more) I paint the actual color to a sticker and write the color name next to it. This way I have a much more accurate image of my colors, than the printed stickers.

Next to the design I listed the colors with the consistencies needed. Fore some colors I needed more than one consistency.

Wedding cookie gift by Tunde Dugantsi

And here is the actual color palette. Still a great selection for just one (3 piece) cookie.

Wedding cookie gift by Tunde Dugantsi

I baked the cookies, flooded them and created the design on the cookie.

 Here is the result:

Wedding cookie gift by Tunde Dugantsi

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Wedding cookie gift by Tunde Dugantsi

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  1. whoaaaa wowzaaaaaa jaw dropping love the design display the set love love love i am too jealous you are remarkable love everything you do i don't think i'd ever do that much planning big smile my inspiration from you and people like you toooooo remarkable yes inspired but admit that i most likely could never achieve such awe inspiring masterpieces bravooooooo

  2. Oh wow, those are gorgeous! And thank you for sharing your process with us!


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