Friday, January 19, 2018

Getting more organized

How many of you have "getting more organized" as one of the new years' resolutions? 

No, I don't, because I gave up on resolutions a long time ago. But I love to be organized. I feel better when I am. And most of the time I am organized. The storage of my sugar beads, sprinkles and mostly the gazillion royal icing transfers was a long time struggle for me.

I tried  baby food jars, boxes with dozens of compartments, Ikea shelves, but non of them seemed to work.

Now, I am happy to announce I have found a system, that might work! At least I am quite happy with it now. It has round storage boxes and I can get some that are divided into 4 compartment. It's perfect, because I like to make different shades of the same color when making icing flowers.

So, these are the boxes. They are FDA approved and the lid is attached to them.

The system has a nice little gadget that holds 6 of these boxes. It has a strap, like cameras do, so you can take the box on the go. It comes with 6 non divided containers, but I can have 24 different things in this holder if I use the divided containers:

My Ikea shelf that used to hold 8 bottles of sugar beads:

Now can hold 30-120 different kinds:

Even better, I don't even need the shelf! This gadget can be attached to the wall vertically or horizontally. (Or to a cabinet door)

This is how you can attach to the wall:

There is a table top organizer for 24-96 items:

And a travel case with 20 containers (great for teachers):

 I am so happy with my new find! I thought you might like these too, so I added them to my Etsy store.