Online classes

Pre-recorder online cookie decorating classes with Tunde Dugantsi are available now.

There are two series:
  • Cookie Academy classes are teaching different techniques in detail and complement the Cookie Academy book series.
  • Cookie Projects episodes will show different cookie projects with step by step instructions. Every project will use different techniques. These are great for creating a cool project at home or hosting a cookie decorating party for friends and family. The projects that are designed for parties are marked with a "party" banner.
Click on the links below to learn more about a specific class.

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Club Cookie Academy is a continuous learning opportunity with two new classes monthly.

Cookie Academy:

001 Basic Gingerbread
002 Yummy Gingerbread
003 Egg Wash
004 Making Royal Icing
005 Royal Icing Consistencies
006 Coloring Royal Icing
007 Flooding a Cookie

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Lace Design
011 Basic Elements of Lace Piping
012 Combining the Basic Elements
013 Creating Lace Heart Cookies
014 Creating Lace Easter Cookies
015 Creating Lace Christmas Cookies
016 Creating a 3D Heart Cookie
017 Combining Lace with TruColor
018 Transparent Lace
019 Combining Lace with Royal Icing Transfers

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Winter Landscape 
021 Elements of the Winter Landscape Design
022 First Bell Design
023 Second Bell Design

Cookie Projects:

Cornucopia cookie class


  1. if you purchase one of the classes, can it be downloaded to a dvd for use on a tv?

    1. They can be downloaded to your computer in MP4 format. I don't know which formats your TV supports.

  2. When will you have the next new online class? I have all of your online classes and love them all.
    Carol Knauf

    1. I am not sure Carol. I have way too many plans and only 24 hours in a day! I am so glad you like them! If you subscribe to my mailing list and mark online classes I will send you an email whenever I have a new class available (most of the times with a discount code)

  3. I would love to attend a class in Tennessee, How often do you hold live classes?

    1. Hi, I am opening my studio in Bowling Green KY, (1 hour north from Nashville TN). I will teach classes regularly, starting in October. I can always teach private classes. Check out my class schedule at and sign up to my email list if you want to be notified about new classes.


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