Online classes

Online cookie decorating classes with Tunde Dugantsi are available now.

There are two series:

  • Cookie Academy classes are teaching different techniques in detail and complement the Cookie Academy book series.
  • Cookie Projects episodes will show different cookie projects with step by step instructions. Every project will use different techniques. These are great for creating a cool project at home or hosting a cookie decorating party for friends and family. The projects that are designed for parties are marked with a "party" banner.
Click on the links below to learn more about a specific class.

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Cookie Academy:

001 Basic Gingerbread
002 Yummy Gingerbread
003 Egg Wash
004 Making Royal Icing
005 Royal Icing Consistencies
006 Coloring Royal Icing
007 Flooding a Cookie

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Lace Design (coming later)

011 Basic Elements of Lace Piping (coming later)
012 Combining the Basic Elements (coming later)
013 Creating Lace Heart Cookies (coming later)
014 Creating Lace Easter Cookies (coming later)
015 Creating Lace Christmas Cookies (coming later)
016 Creating a 3D Heart Cookie (coming later)
017 Combining Lace with TruColor (coming later)
018 Transparent Lace (coming later)
019 Combining Lace with Royal Icing Transfers (coming later)

Winter Landscape Design

021 Basic Elements of Winter Landscape Design (coming soon)
022 Bell Design 1 (coming soon)
023 Bell Design 2 (coming soon)

Needlepoint Design (coming later)

Hungarian Folk Art Flowers (coming later)

Cookie Boxes (coming later)

TruColor on cookies (coming later)

Royal Icing Trasfers (coming later)

How to Teach a Cookie Class (coming later)

Cookie Projects:


  1. if you purchase one of the classes, can it be downloaded to a dvd for use on a tv?

    1. They can be downloaded to your computer in MP4 format. I don't know which formats your TV supports.