Thursday, October 13, 2016

Fall 2016

Fall cookies by Tunde Dugantsi

Fall is my favorite season in Kentucky. It's nice, warm and sunny with gorgeous colors and it's pretty long too. I am working on fall cookies now and I am using TruColor natural food colors to make them. Here is my palette for this season:

Fall cookies by Tunde Dugantsi

 I created quite a few little sets using this palette as you can see at the first picture. I am still working on the videos and the pictures and will post them when I get done.

Naked fall cookies with lace by Tunde Dugantsi

This is a set of naked gingerbread cookies with some colorful lace piping. It's just doodling. I don't plan these designs ahead, just start making them and continue adding new elements until they look ready for me.

Here is the video, have fun with it!

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  1. Hi Tunde... I am a huge fan. Your copyright states we are to contact you if we would like to duplicate your work. I have a event in November that I would like to make a few of your Christmas cookies. Specifically, the ones with the candles. Do I contact your office? Didn't see a contact # on your webpage. Look forward to hearing from you soon. 😊

    1. Hi Valerie, where did you find the copyright info? I should update it :) You are more than welcome to recreate my designs for personal use. I just need to give permission for commercial use (that I normally do free of charge for individual cookie and cake decorators - I just don't want the designs to be mass produced) If you post pictures of your work, then credit (inspired by...) is appreciated. Thank you for asking and have fun with the cookies!

  2. Yaaaaa!!! Thank you!! Btw...No Ma'am... They will not be massed produced. Wasn't quite sure what commercial meant. Thank you for clearing it up. And yes when I post pics I will most definitely mention and give credit to you and your work as well. Thanks again.


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