Friday, November 28, 2014

Fall cookies 2014

Before we say goodbye to fall, I wanted to show you the fall cookies I made this year.

Fall Pumpkin cookies
 This set is a basic colorful pumpkin cookies. Simple and attractive.

Fall Pumpkin cookies

I added colorful tiny leaves to the same pumpkin for a different look.

Fall Pumpkin cookies
These pumpkins got a lace decoration.

Fall Pumpkin cookies
 And the last pumpkin set is more festive with its filigree design.

Fall leaf cookies
 The first set of leaves has colorful leaves made with wet on wet technique and brown acorns complement this set.

Fall leaf cookies
 Simple, uni-color cookies decorated with golden filigree.

Fall leaf cookies
This sparkly set is decorated with twinkle dust.

I love fall, all the colors and will miss it. But I am already getting ready for the Holiday season!

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